From order to delivery

1. Contact us
You may contact us by phone, inquiry form or facsimile for any questions or concerns.
2. Confirmation of drawings
Submitted drawings will be confirmed with their number of LOTS, delivery date and product information (materials, surface processing, and functional performance) to inform you whether the production is possible or not.
*Drawings submitted must be well-drawn in rough sketch.
3. Estimation
Based on the contents of your inquiries, appropriate estimation will be provided as well as its delivery date. Only accepted estimation can be contracted.
4. Start of manufacturing
Accepted estimation goes to order placement. Manufacturing starts:
-Confirmation of purchase order and formal drawings
-Materials and tools arrangements
-Processing which starts after all points inspection
(We have a traceability system)
※ Additional work such as surface processing
5. Shipment inspection and packing
Products are thoroughly inspected before packing the finished product.
6. Delivery of goods
Products are shipped together with its inspection report.