From how many pieces I can order?
Our company has had a lot of experience dealing with a variety of orders. We have no problem providing one piece up to a million if the client requests it.


Can you accept orders from private individuals not just big corporations?
There is no problem for orders coming from private individuals. It is possible to produce their requested parts if there is a drawing or a simple diagram. If there are some unclear points, we will confirm everything with the client before we start processing parts.


I’d like to request for an estimate, what should I do?
please contact us by mail form, telephone or facsimile.
“Click contact us”
We will reply to your request for quotation within 1-2 business day after receiving your message (depending on the content, you might wait for a few more days for our reply). If the request is urgent, please contact us through the phone.


What should I do for the payment?
Payment is basically done through bank transfer. Company orders should be paid by your specified payment date. Individual orders must be paid in advance of the delivery date.


What kind of materials and shapes can you process ?
Please see the summary of items available in this page. Since the company welcomes challenges, please contact us and if you have further questions!


How long is delivery time?
It depends on the processing and the quantity of your orders. For an estimate on the expected time of delivery, please contact us first.