Mass production of ultra-precision parts, μm tolerance, is avalable!!
Making more than 100,000 parts per month.
Automatic processing corresponding to φ65!!
If it has a flat diameter corresponding to 44, hard-to-cut materials and diagonal shapes are supported.
Machinery maintenance is conducted by my own company!!
It aims to stabilize the quality and rapid response.
We provide high-precision complex products with craftsmanship and machineries!!
We create products which is a fusion of skilled workers and cutting-edge machineries.
Young technicians are growing up!!
We have entusiastic workers when it comes to the processing of the machines. They have also masterd the us of cutting tools.
Passion of creating parts is our driving force.
Decisive factor of quality is the cooperation among employees!!
We work together rigidly on a day to day basis in compliance with ISO9001:2008 certification.
We are driven with sprit to continue to process anything!!
We work on making parts taking full advantage of machines and our craftmanship.


Major equipment list
Category Manufacturer Model Number
CNC complex automatic lathe Mori Seiki NLX2500SY 1
Star Micronics SR-20RⅢ 1
SR-32J 1
Citizen L10 2
Tsugami BS12CⅢ 1
NP17 1
B018BⅡ 2
BS18C 1
BS18CⅢ 1
S20 1
BW20 3
BS26B 1
BS26C 1
BS26CⅢ 2
BO326-Ⅱ 3
BS32Ⅱ 1
BS32CⅢ 1
M50SY 1
BH38 2
CNC automatic lathe Tsugami B018A 2
CNC lathe Eguro NUCLET-MINI 2
the finishing machine Ocean GN-3 3
Bench lathe Eguro LB-10 2
Kitamura KL-16 3
KL-6 2
Other   drilling machine 5
  Rotate barrel 1
Major inspection equipment list
Category Manufacturer Model Number
Measuring microscope Mitutoyo MF-A1020H MM/E 1
Projector Mitutoyo PJ311 1
Optical microscope Olympus SZ-40 1
Contour and surface roughness of composite measuring instrument Tokyo Seimitsu SURFCOM 1900DX3 1
Roundness, cylindrical shape measuring instrument Tokyo Seimitsu ROUNDCOM 44DX3 1
CNC image measuring instrument Mitutoyo QS200 1
Image measuring instrument Keyence VM-8040 1

Productivity data
Material Material carbon steel S45C, S45CF, S35C, S20C, S10C etc.
Alloy steel SCM415, SCM430, SCM435, SUJ2, SK4, SK5 etc.
Free-cutting steel SUM General
SUS SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, SUS416, SUS430, SUS420J2, SUS440C etc.
Aluminum A2011, A2017, A2024, A5052, A5056
Copper alloy C3602, C3604, C3771, copper raw material, etc.
Other resin material, titanium, stainless steel or the like electromagnetic etc.
Round rod of shape round bar φ1 ~ φ51 automatic lathe machine (30 units)
φ52 ~ φ150 corresponding in lathe
Pipe material
Atypical material hexagonal material, square material, knurled material, screw Setsu-zai other
Blank processed goods NC chucker machine (with autoloader), and correspond by lathe